Chic way to tie a long scarf or shawl

There a many ways how to tie a long scarf or shawl.

I am going to show you my favourite way which is best for long scarves or skinny shawls, including silk scarves and handmade knit or crochet shawls (such as the free one-skein crochet shawl pattern “Cordelia”).

It is particularly good when you want to look chic and put together whilst still keeping warm. I often get comments when I wear my long scarves or shawls this way!

How to Tie a Long Skinny Scarf or Shawl

This particular way to tie a long scarf is known as the

  • Parisian Knot
  • European Loop
  • Express method
  • Jennifer Aniston  style

It is a very easy way to tie a long scarf.

  1. First you hold your scarf with one end in each hand.
  2. Now fold your scarf so both ends are in one hand, and the folded loop is in the other hand.
  3. Next place the scarf over your head, behind your neck.
  4. Open the folded loop and place the loose ends in through the loop.
  5. Lastly pull the ends through and adjust for comfort.

Now you know how to tie your long scarf or shawl in a Parisian Knot or European loop, just like Jennifer Anniston.

alternative way to wear a scarf or asymmetrical shawl.

As a crocheter I love wearing long asymmetrical shawls and long scarves like this. It gives another look and style to an already favourite long crochet shawl!

Let me know in the comments if you already wear your long scarves like this, and what name you prefer for this method, Parisian Knot or European Loop?