Crochet gifts for crocheters yarn

10 unique gifts for crocheters

Looking for birthday, valentines, Mothers day gifts for crocheters? If you are not a crocheter yourself it can be difficult to know just what to buy someone who crochets.

Even as a crocheter you may get asked for gift ideas and want fresh suggestions.

As a crocheter myself I have made a list of the you the best gifts for crocheters.

The thing with us crocheters is we are OBSESSED with crochet, and any gift that enables this obsession will be hugely appreciated.

A gift basket, hamper or project bag filled with with items from the list would be even more amazing.

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Photo by Hannah Cole on Unsplash

Buy your crocheting mum, sister or loved one their favourite yarn brand or for the adventurous, choose a special skein of hand dyed yarn. If you are not sure, ask them if they have a dream list of yarn or a project coming up for which you’d like to provide them with the yarn.

Yarn Bowl

You can buy hand made yarn bowls from Etsy. I recommend smooth polished wooden bowls.

Hook Set

Hooks are a personal choice but you won’t go wrong with a set of Clover Amour or Tulip Etimo Hooks.

Gift card for yarn shop

Not sure what hooks, yarn bowls or yarn to buy? Go to your loved one’s local yarn store and ask if they do gift cards, or pop some money in a card and include a message indicating it is to be spent on Stash. Yep, stash. They’ll know.

Gift Card for “Crochet Time”

Your crocheter wants to crochet. Give them the gift of uninterrupted crochet time! Write on a card that you support them in their crochet endeavours and wish for them to have an afternoon/evening/day of indulging in their favourite hobby. Arrange child care, walk the dog, cook the meals, whatever it takes to allow them to sit down uninterrupted and just crochet.

Project bags

These can be hand made or store bought tote bags, large makeup bags, drawstring bags in pretty fabric or printed bags from somewhere like Redbubble or Etsy.

Pencil cases for hooks

You know your crochet friend, family member or colleague best so use this knowledge to choose a roomy pencil case to hold their hooks.


You can buy special notebooks for knitters and crocheters to keep track of projects, or choose a pretty notebook and matching pen.

Hand Cream

Seriously, rough dry hands are a crocheter’s nightmare. Any hand cream will be much appreciated, whether you go for a luxury brand or a tried and tested drug store favourite such as Neutrogena Norwegian Formula.

Scissors and Tape measure

Crocheters love little embroidery scissors. They are practical and fun. Choose from vintage style, colourful unicorns, polka dots and more.

I know a tape measure doesn’t sound like am amazing gift but there are tape measures and there are tape measures. My favourite is my classic retractable Clover tape measure.