The Stitch Foundry is run by myself, Sharon Murphy, a crochet designer and maker in the UK.

When I’m not crocheting or designing, I’m walking my dog, spending time with my family in the hills and mountains of Wales and the Lake District, or magic making.

How it Started

Crochet is my goddess, my muse, my life. I owe a debt of gratitude to crochet so deep that I know I will be loving crochet for the rest of my life.

And if you think that’s dramatic, get your popcorn ready and strap in.

This is my crochet story, how in the most difficult time in my family’s life (honestly, worldwide pandemic has nothing on this!) I found respite and relief through yarn and hook, and how crochet continues to give me life, through illness and health, rain and sun, every single day. Read the whole story….

About Me

I am obsessed with stitches, the spaces in between, and what we as makers can create.

The common thread running through all my designs is the stitches. Beautiful lace patterns reworked for a modern aesthetic, simple one row repeats that create amazing texture, striking geometric stitches with a retro feel.

The Stitch Foundry

I want to help you make crochet your own way, for you. Make it your own way, but not on your own. Give you confidence to make choices and experiment.

If you love crochet and want to explore different textures, colour combinations, retro and modern stitches and find fresh inspiration for your next project The Stitch Foundry is for you.

Crochet is not all granny squares and bright colours or plain stitches and neutrals. In between these two extremes is The Stitch Foundry, unashamedly Crochet with a vibrant modern aesthetic.

This isn’t about me and my style. This is about you and helping you discover ans grow your style with patterns that are templates for you to make your own.

Why We Create

We create because it calms us, soothes us, heals us. We create to find and reveal ourselves. We create to share our love, our souls.